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FM300 VENTILATOR ASSEMBLY (including ventilator+frequency changer+switch (with overheating protection)+cable+plug) 230V 1PHASE
Main Features

* Speed control by inverter saves electricity - always the right speed / air volume for your work.

* Massive steel construction

* Aerodynamically optimized open metal fan wheel

* Completely ready for operation (incl. cable, on/off switch, 230 V plug)

Description Video Documents

01)  Motor: 1500W, TEFC 230V SINGLE PHASE 

02)  Fan diameter: 300mm

03)  Inlet diameter: 1x 125mm /2 x 100mm

04)   Max. Speed: 2800 rpm/min, speed adjustable

05)   Max. volume flow:2500 cbm/h

06)  Outlet diameter: 125mm

07)  Net weight: 30kg

08)  Packing size: 44x42x40cm

Areas of application:

* For collecting fine waste( like smoke, dust,chips,grains,particles,whether wood, metal or plastic or etc.)

* For supply and exhaust air in ventilation/air conditioning technology

* Welding fume extraction when sandblasting

* For extracting gases e.g. on plastic presses and injection molding machines

* Room/hall ventilation

* For vacuuming dust, fibers and threads using a pre-separator

* For forge and soldering fire, for cooling and ventilation (forge blower)

* For drying, construction drying, cavity drying,as a ventilator, for suction and ventilation

* Agriculture - everywhere where air/odors have to be sucked in or sucked out, building drying, etc.

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