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Model No :MS3156VF-NB

MM3156VF-NB silicon carbide sanding brushes  FOR MS3156VF + MS3156C/400II DRUM SANDER 

Key Features:
* Optional silicon carbide sanding brushes for the MS3156VF + MS3156C/400II DRUM SANDER 
* Easy to fit in place of the standard abrasive sanding drum
* Perfect for sanding mouldings, profiles, and raised and fielded panels
* Will produce a consistently even finish, saving time and effort
* Can be used to sand sealer or primers prior to final finishing

The MS3156VF + MS3156C/400II DRUM SANDER can be fitted with these optional silicon carbide sanding brushes. 

They are easy to fit in place of the standard abrasive sanding drum. 

They will enable this machine to be used for sanding mouldings profiles, and raised and fielded panels as found on skirting, architrave, picture rails or doors. 

Also can be used for producing a "grain" effect on sheet metal or box sections, especially aluminiums. 

Importantly, they will produce a perfectly even finish that is almost impossible to achieve by any other means. 

This will save a massive amount of time and make your work consistent in quality every time. 

Used for many years in the USA, these brushes have gained a reputation for quality and longevity.

Sanding Drum Diameter: 160 mm
Sanding Thickness Min\Max: 1 mm to 100 mm
Sanding Width Single Pass: 550 mm
Net weight:14kgs


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