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Main Features

1)  Serially with stepless speed adjustment, ideal adjustment to each material
2) The height adjustable universal support can also be used for various devices of different manufacturers. 
3) Solid sheet steel model in stylish design featuring powerful drive motor to achieve top results
4) The corundum grinding wheel runs in water tank (removeable), which cools the blade during
the grinding process and protects the tools from overheating or annealing. 
5) Multifunctional device for grinding of knives, axes, turning gouges, planer blades, scissors etc.
6) Suitable for amateurs, craftsmen with high demands and commercial customers,requiring sharp blades in a short period of time. 
7) Low speed of grinding wheel ensures high safety and reduces risk of flying sparks

Description Video Documents

01)Grinding wheel:250 x 50 x 12 mm
02)Leather wheel: 210 x 30 x 12 mm
03)Speed: 90-180 rpm
04)Input power: 200 W
05)Voltage: 230V
06)Width: 470 mm, Depth: 300 mm, Height: 440 mm
07)Weight:18.5 kg

Standard accessories: 
1) Leather wheel, 
2) Universal bracket, 
3) Universal device UNI-100, 
4) Angle gauge WL-60, 
5) White corundumg grinding wheel grit 220, 
6) Water tank

Optional accessories

More Accessories